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IT business management (ITBM) is the process of managing IT resources to achieve business objectives effectively and efficiently. It involves improve organizational performance, and reduce costs.

What Is IT Business Management ?

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IT (Information Technology) Business Management refers to the practice of aligning IT services and investments with the overall goals and objectives of a business. It involves the planning, organizing, and controlling of IT resources and activities to ensure that they are used effectively to support business goals and objectives.

Some key benefits of ITBM include:

WHY IT Business Management ?

IT Business Management Range Of Activities

IT Strategy: Developing an IT strategy that aligns with the overall business strategy, including defining goals, objectives, and performance measures.

IT Project Management: Planning, executing, and controlling IT projects to ensure that they are delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.

IT Financial Management: Managing IT budgets and financial resources to ensure that they are used effectively and efficiently.

Some key Points of ITBM include:

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